Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationship, Many people wonder is a long distance relationship worth it? Any person worth having is worth waiting a few years for. If you both have something really special then take the plunge. You’d be surprised at how well a long distance relationship can work out. Granted, it won’t be easy and you’ll both go through your bouts of loneliness; however, the rewards for making it through are worth every lonely second.Communication and trust is the main key to keeping your sanity and your relationship together the very first thing that you must do in a long distance relationship is to establish an effective communication. Most people will think that telephone is the most convenient way of communication but there are some other alternative you can use. Like Instant messenger, emails text messages, ECT. Each communication has its own advantages and disadvantages so it’s up to you and you significant other to explore each of them to enhance your communication experience.Having trust in yourself and your significant other, you know your significant other personal manner, but you don’t get to really see what their day-to-day life would be like. Insecurity can be an evil presence in relationships when you’re in a long distance relationship; there are no rooms for suspicion In order for you to survive your long distance relationship you must learn to trust your partner whole heartedly. A single suspicion will break the bond you have for each other when you start to suspect your significant other at any point of your LDR. Although it is easier said than done but trust me, if your significant other has intention to do something unfaithful to you, they will still do it under the quite. Therefore there is no need for you to create such unnecessary stress in your relationship.Making a long-distance relationships work planning trips to see each other as often as possible will help both you and your partner to catch up with each other over the things that you cannot do while you where apart. Plus the anticipation of seeing each other again will always give you the excitement, and eliminating the doubts and lonely feeling in your long-distance relationship. Sending unexpected gifts to your partner will always spice up your relationship regardless how far your partner may be.Surprise your significant other Put your imagination to use and your partner will be sure to love your effort in keeping them happy especially telling them what they need to hear. Here a few step the 3 S’s, Sexy Text Messages keep your significant other thinking of you all day and all night with some steamy text messages. To get their imagination running wild ‘ like one of these suggestions: I dream of you here with me with nothing on. Sexy picture mail takes a sexy photo of you, doing all sorts of exciting and sexy things, in all sorts of exotic and interesting ways. Sexy Phone Calls put on your sexy voice. And Make the best of it with a little sexy phone chat. Or read an erotic story or start make up your sexual fantasies. Video chat and exchanging photos. Will keep you and your partner close despite the distance.Finding out your partner favorite sport and team, hobby. you will have something to discuss throughout your long distance relationship like for instance my boyfriend favorite sport is soccer, so I ask him to explain to me the rule and the regulation of the game and did my own research and now I have my own favorite team so when ever there is a game on we have something interesting to talk about especially when the both of our teams are playing we will be back and forth with who team will win and make bets that makes the conversation more fascinating . Also it shows your partner that you’re more interested than he thinks.Try to avoid conflicts in your a long distance relationships like disagreement, suspicion, misunderstanding, wrongly accusing, and overreacting , getting your points across isn’t always important. It’s about compromise and what’s good for the relationships. You have to be able to choose between issues that are critical and the ones that are okay to let slide. You have to ask yourself before you react whether or not this issue will actually strengthen your relationship with your partner. Think about what you are saying when you want to get your point across. Say things in a “polite way that helps your relationship level up.Couples in distance relationship always make a mistake by believing that their relationship will not work. The negative impression you have in will eventually hunt you down and destroy your relationship if you choose to listen to the negative comment. Therefore, once you have decided to enter into a long distance relationship, you must learn to believe that your relationship will work. I knew it because I had successfully conquered my own long distance relationship because I will be getting married this fall.
by shanna & yhanique